Casting Call – Sirens Redevelopment and UK Tour

About the show:

You’re an immortal demi-goddess whose only job is to sing and look beautiful. No, this isn’t a show about Beyoncé.Three Greek sirens find themselves washed up on Hasting beach. It’s 2018, and sitting around naked on rocks is no longer en vogue. But the sirens are still cursed: any man who hears their voice dies instantly. It’s a drag, and it’s time to change the story.

Award-winning Zoo Co returns to stick two fingers up at gender expectations using breathtaking visual storytelling, innovative projection mapping, and a lot of feathers. A Riot Grrrl inspired rebellion against social norms. Sirens is creatively captioned and BSL inclusive.

Winner: Three Weeks Editors’ Choice Awards 2018


Application deadline: 7th March 5pm

Audition: 11th March 2019 – London

Rehearsal Week 1: 25th March – 30th March (inc) 10am – 6pm – London

Rehearsal Week 2: 27th May – 1st June (inc) 10am – 6pm – London

Tech: 4th – 7th June – Residential – Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot

Tech: 10th – 12th June – Residential – Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot

Tour: 12th June – 29th June inclusive – UK tour x 15 venues

Tour: One date in October ‘19 TBC – Croydon 

Fee: £2440 – (Slightly above ITC rates)

Travel and accommodation provided, separate fee paid @ ITC rates for Croydon performance. You must be available for all rehearsals, tech and tour dates. We may be able to arrange remote interviews for actors who cannot attend the audition date.

CHARACTER 1: Lou/ Nadia – Casting age: 20-30 – 

*Please note we seek one actor to play these two roles in Sirens*.

These roles were previously originated by another performer, but will be redeveloped for this leg of the project. There will be space for the new performer to have ownership over the development of these two roles within a defined narrative.

Lou (spoken english and BSL): Lou is an ancient grecian Siren woman who has washed up on Hastings beach in 2019. Laid back and relaxed, she is often the joker of the three sisters. She is strong, goofy and sometimes introverted. She rejects the strict gender coding she has faced for a millennia, and relishes the opportunity to present in a more androgynous way. She explores gender playfully throughout the heist narrative, using a drag king persona as part of the break-in plan. Lou learns BSL during the story in order to communicate with Jake, who is Deaf. It is important that the actor is proficient in BSL, ranging from Level 3 – fluent. We welcome applications from d/Deaf and hearing actors who use both spoken english and BSL.

Nadia (non-specified): Nadia has grown up in Hastings. She meets Pia (another siren) and they begin a relationship. Nadia offers insight on how things have or have not changed for women in the 21st century. She is intelligent, sharp and scathing.

Skills/ experience required:

  • Confident BSL skills (Guideline: level 3 or above, preferably higher). 
  • Very confident multi-roling actor, able to clearly define two detailed, pivotal characters in the plot and switch between them effectively
  • Good sense of comedy
  • Strong movement skills
  • At least 2 previous devised projects (paid or unpaid) under their belt, and a familiarity and love for devised processes. We want to meet somebody who is excited by the opportunity to develop 2 new roles within a defined narrative.
  • Although the broad narrative of the piece is already defined by previous R+D and development, we are looking for a performer (female or non-binary) who is willing to offer up personal reflections on their experience of gender in 2019 in order to shape the role of Lou, and the narrative as a whole. We encourage applications from performers who are androgynous/ genderqueer/ gender rebellious or transmasc presenting, or who just find the idea of a gender rebellious role exciting. We are keen to support an authentic representation of a queer female or non-binary character, and will support the development of both roles to suit the performer we choose to work with. The show doesn’t centre on Lou’s gender identity, but it does make up an important facet of her experience, and offers our audience the chance to see three different experiences of gender in each of the sirens.

CHARACTER 2: Jake (Deaf – BSL) – Age 21-35

Jake is an independent, tech-savvy character in his twenties/ early 30’s. He is a successful video game designer. Whilst he is playful and kind, he can be laddish, showing the ways that he is a product of a world where gender stereotypes about women are still evident. Jake lives in Hastings and is Deaf with BSL as a first language. He finds the Sirens book when they arrive and befriends them, becoming closest with Lou who learns BSL.

Jake finds himself helping the Sirens to plan a heist as they break into Hastings Museum, confronting his own prejudices about women and realising why their mission is so important. He is honest, direct and intuitive – he confronts Xoe at the climax of the narrative, and plays a critical role in the way their story unfolds.

Required skills:
  • This is a a Deaf specific role, and we are only seeing d/Deaf actors for this role. Please do not apply if you are not d/Deaf. A BSL interpreter will be provided and you will be supported by a Deaf Consultant. The full team has Deaf Awareness training, and conversational BSL skills. You won’t need to make an Access to Work application, unless further access provisions are required.

  • At least 2 previous devised projects (paid or unpaid) and a familiarity with building plot, character and narrative in a devising process, working with a writer, director, Deaf Consultant and interpreter.

  • BSL as a first language – fluent.

  • Confident movement skills (visual vernacular may be used as a storytelling device)

  • Strong multi-roling/ physicality – the actor will mainly play Jake, but may also play smaller roles in the ensemble.

To apply:

Subject heading: Casting – Sirens – Your name


  • Headshot
  • CV
  • Any images/ footage of you in action (up to 3)
  • Cover letter or application video:

Please send a a CV and headshot, and EITHER a short cover letter – max 500 words, OR a 2 minute video introducing yourself to the team and telling us why you’d like to work on Sirens. This can be shot on a phone, you can read from notes or just make it up. This can be in BSL or spoken english, or both, depending which role you are applying for.

Your cover letter or video might include a bit about work you’ve done previously, your skills, your views on gender stereotypes, and any other relevant experience. You could show off your BSL skills, tell us a joke, perform part of a monologue, or talk about your day. We are a company that works with people as individuals, shaping narratives around who is really in the room. This is not a trick, we don’t have any preconceptions about what might make a ‘good’ video, we just want to get to know you as a creative in a short space of time, and we’re not sure a monologue submission does this! We think video might be the best way to do this, so if you are happy to send us a video, that is our preferred option.

Application deadline: 7th March @ 5pm

We will let you know by 6pm on 8th March if you are being invited to auditions on 11th March. We will only invite a small handful of candidates, and the audition will be informal and relaxed.


A BSL interpreter will be provided for all auditions and the full rehearsal and tech period. Our team is BSL trained, and we will establish whether an interpreter is required for touring once we have started rehearsals, led by you. There will also be a Deaf BSL Consultant working on the project.

Please let us know in your email if you have any further access needs. We are an inclusive company, and we can work to ensure your access needs are met both at audition and throughout the project if you are selected. We are a neurodiverse team, who seek to challenge traditional processes in order to deliver an inclusive practice for d/Deaf and disabled performers that is healthy, supportive and creative.  We have previously supported Access to Work applications, worked with BSL interpreters, and created Access Plans to support neurodiverse team members.

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