Space so much space…

For you OG Zoo fans, of course you’ll remember “Space so much space” was in fact a quote from our debut production The Hive. If you don’t remember….we won’t take offence. But how funny that things should come full circle and now we are indeed making a show all about Space! 

This week we have returned to the Didcot Cornerstone for our 3rd week of R+D on a brand new show all about science. Back in April, we were invited by this wondrous theatre and the incredible RAL Space to develop some ideas of how we can use theatre as a way to educate and inform people about science and my didn’t we have fun! After 2 weeks of researching, exploring and learning we came up with an idea and were ready to write an funding application for the Science and Technology Facilities Council. Fast forward 6 months, we were lucky enough to be awarded the funding and I meet you here at the end of our first week of two! 

This week we welcomed Chris Pearson into the room. He is a real life cosmologist (we’re still not quite sure what that means but doesn’t it sound impressive?!) It’s been so wonderful having such a fountain of knowledge in the room. Not only does Chris contribute in such a way that doesn’t make us all feel very stupid but he is also an incredible creative! We’ve really hit the jackpot here. We’ll also be working with Chris to develop a workshop programme to go alongside the show. My fave fact Chris has brought to the room is…

On Thursday our designer Lucy Read also joined the gang. We met Lucy a couple of years ago when she designed our outdoor show Monotone Man. Since then she’s moved to The Netherlands but she has come back just for us! During the previous days we had been coming with ideas of the most exciting ways to put science onto stage and we’re finding out nearly everything is possible! Welllll sort of. Will we be able to have a set that is entirely antigravity? Probably not. But can we have a massive explosion of powder paint? Quite possibly! 

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