We're delighted that alongside our major touring work, we are also able to invest in community facing, artist lead engagement opportunities for community groups and as part of our Artist Development programme.

We often have many smaller projects running at the same time as touring bigger shows, so here is the information about our current and future projects, including Research and Development for new shows, outdoor theatre, community work, engagement projects and hosting events for the arts community to come together and support one another.

Flo O'Mahony: Show For My Sister

Florence is currently developing a new piece of theatre (which maybe won't look much like 'normal' theatre), alongside her sister Rachel, who is Severely Learning Disabled. Working alongside mentor Lee Simpson, this show aims to explore what happens if for one hour only, the world was the perfect place for Rachel... Flo is currently bringing together funding for an initial 3 day R+D project, supported by New Diorama.

Zoo SpaceCamp

We were commissioned by Cornerstone Arts Centre to Research and Develop a new production, working with the Science + Facilities Council to create a show which uses visually stunning, playful and explosive story-telling to engage audiences in space science.

ALI(CE) @ Warwick School

Flo and Rosalind are directing and producing Ali(ce) as part of their role as facilitators for the Bridgehouse Theatre's youth theatre at Warwick School. The show opens at The Bridgehouse on Saturday 8th July.

ArtsHouse Caterham

Zoo Co are the resident theatre company at ArtsHouse Caterham, bringing together a programme of exciting, fresh and high quality touring work to a regional audience in Caterham, Surrey.

Croydon Arts Community

The Zoo Co are supporting the re-surfacing of an active Croydon Arts Network, through hosting group community building sessions and working closely with Croydon Council to continue to enable and further Croydon's creative offer.

Nick Gilbert:'Finding Man'

The Finding Man Project is a creative and community venture in the Croydon area. The aim of the project is to explore what it means to be a man and investigate how we can better understand the idea of masculinity, with community workshops starting later in 2017...

'Theatre on The Market' - Croydon

Monotone Man Cast - Bus Stop - Zoo Co
We are launching 6 brand new, immersive theatre experiences as part of a residency on Surrey Street market, with an aim to bring interactive, fun and accessible theatre to Croydon's high street...

 Don't Feed The Penguin - Croydon

Part of our recent Arts Council funding enables us to re-launch 'Don't Feed The Penguin', a travelling, pop up arts night, engaging and supporting local emerging artists, musicians, theatre companies, comedians, sketch comedy and improv. We will be announcing dates at a new venue later this summer...

Free Workshop Programme


We have secured funding which enables us to offer free workshops to under-privileged community groups including young offenders, socially isolated elders, young people with poor access to arts, BAMER groups, charities and any organisation who feels that working with us may be of a social benefit to their service users. Please get in touch with for enquiries and further information.

‚ÄčThese workshops are a 'taster' session, lasting between 1 hour and 1 day, allowing us to meet you, get to know your organisation and your clients/ service users/ students. After that, if you feel you would like to continue to work with Human Zoo facilitators, we are able to support this at a heavily subsidised rate. There is no obligation to book a further workshop after the free taster session. Please do get in touch to find out more.