Catching up with the cast of GIANT as we head off on tour…


Roz performing as a young Maggie in the opening sequence in GIANT
What do you like the most about performing in GIANT?

Rory: Performing in GIANT means that every night, we get to dance, sing, play instruments, do puppetry, cabaret… what more could you want? I also get to work with an amazing cast, who are all so talented and fun! This really is an ensemble show so getting to be a part of such a great team is
the best thing of all.

What was the best thing about the making process for GIANT?

Nick: Giant is a really nice mix of tightly choreographed movement sequences and scenes which have space for bits of improvising and clown. It was fun during rehearsals to move from the early stages of improvising around themes and movement to nailing the choreographed sequences and finding where the moments of clown and improv could remain in the final performance. I think those are my favourite bits to perform, when you have a little unspoken dialogue with the audience and finding where those moments sit was really enjoyable.

During the research and development period we held workshops with people over 50 and teenagers together. It was interesting hearing all these people’s stories and seeing where their experiences are similar and where they differ. People were very generous with what they shared with us and it was cool working that into the piece. Some is in there word for word.

What is your favourite scene in the show?

Roz: I’m not sure if my answer is cheating slightly (because really it’s a scene that has about 25 mini scenes within it!) but my favourite one is the opening 13 minute movement sequence! The audience see one of the characters age from 8 to 88 through lots of movement, beautiful music and about 15 costume changes. By the end of it we’re knackered but it’s a lot of fun to do too!

The full cast interviewing Tommy for a job at the Cardboard Box Factory
Who do you relate the most in the show?

Fleur: I would say I relate most to the Grandma because she is living in her own reality and can see through people’s pretences. Maybe it’s also that she’s the character i’d most like to relate to. She is honest and bold and without inhibitions. Aka…she’s badass! I think we can all learn from the fact that even though everyone thinks she’s the most ‘crazy’ she turns out to have to the most clarity, and that we should never judge someone’s quirkiness just because we haven’t understood it yet.

Who do you think the show is for? Who is going to love this show?

Andy: I believe Giant is really for just about everybody, as it is about three different generations and the differences we experience when we are growing up. It has characters dealing with important things at many different stages of their lives, because of this the show is enjoyable and relatable for people of any age! The show was made with lots of workshops with people under 25 and over 60, so it has a real sense of caring about these different generations, the things they share and the things that make them different. Throw them all under one roof and add in some comedy, cabaret and clowning and you’ve got an entertaining show for all ages. We love it when young people come with older relatives, or vice versa. So what are you waiting for? Bring your nan!

Nick performing Ethan’s cabaret, a strongman double act… except his partner has never shown up!
What do you like the most about performing at Cornerstones, Didcot?

Flo: For me, Cornerstone feels a little bit like a theatre home from home. We’ve been developing new work with Cornerstone for over a year, working on a project with the Harwell Campus, and I also work with their engagement team to deliver youth arts engagement for local young people, which I find really fulfilling! Cornerstone is such a beautiful venue, with an incredibly diverse programme, and we are so thrilled to be a part of it. It’s inspiring to see a regional venue that dares to programme challenging and form-pushing work. I also personally like to take a trip to the Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary whenever we are visiting – I’m a big fan of donkeys and they have a really cute baby albino donkey that I think might be the most mystical looking creature I have ever seen.

And lastly, who doesn’t love an orange auditorium? We do like a good orange here at The Zoo.


Zoo Co will be performing GIANT at Cornerstone Arts Centre on Thursday 15th March @ 7.30pm. Under 26’s can purchase £5 tickets on the door!

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