Warwick School

The Zoo Co are elated to run Foundations Youth Theatre at Warwick School! Since September 2016 the Zoo animals have facilitated workshops on a Saturday morning in a variety of discipline from puppetry to actor-musician, tension states to poetry.  This term sees Flo and Roz directing the first show with the group, to be performed at Bridgehouse Theatre on 8th July. 

Ali (or rather Alice, before we decided to cast a male in the lead role…) by Laura Wade is an exciting, modern twist on the classic story of Alice in Wonderland. The cast is made up of super talented students from Warwick School and King’s High who bring all the skills they’ve learnt over the past couple of terms and much, much more! Designed by Emma Lynch and including a talking flamingo, a Caterpillar with border control issues and a Cheshire Cat that just won’t quit. It’s sure to be ridiculous!